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Reliable Scrap Metal Solutions

Transforming Scrap Metal into Value

Tailored Scrap Metal Services

Reliable Scrap Metal Bin Service


Seamless Scrap Metal Pickup for Commercial Sites and Demo Projects

Mobile Shear Services for Demolition and Construction Projects


Scrap Metal


Our mission goes beyond recycling; it is about creating a ripple effect:


"We strive to recuperate

end-of-life products and material, converting metal wastes into valuable resources to increase revenue streams, fuel economic growth and promote sustainability”.

"Customer-Centric Excellence: Where Your Needs Drive Our Commitment"

Scrap Metal Solutions

At the heart of Blackfoot Metals lies a commitment to integrity, respect and reliability, and an unwavering mission to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We are steadfast in offering competitive prices for scrap metal, underpinning our aim to be your go-to partner for all scrap metal recycling needs.


Our personalized customer service, efficient bin solutions, and industry-leading mobile shear services, are all hallmarks of a brand synonymous with providing high-quality services and exceeding customer expectations.


Professional Affiliations

Member in Good Standing Of:

COR Certified

Diverse Expertise & Unwavering Dedication

At Blackfoot Metals Ltd. our team is not just a workforce – we are a unique workplace community dedicated to making a difference.

Scrap Metal Recycling Elevated

Explore Our Comprehensive Scrap Metal Recycling Solutions, Bin Service, and Mobile Shear Service. 

Convenient, Reliable Scrap Metal

Bin Service

Simplifying your metal recycling journey with ease and efficiency. Experience hassle-free bin service like never before!

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