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Experience the Blackfoot Metals Advantage: Comprehensive Scrap Metal Solutions Tailored to Your Needs

At Blackfoot Metals, we are not just a scrap metal service – we are your comprehensive metal solutions partner. Our dedication to professionalism, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Our diverse range of services: 

Scrap Metal Collection for Commercial Sites: Convenient, reliable, and seamless service for commercial manufacturing facilities, construction projects, and demolition sites. For steel, cast and tin, we offer payment for quantities exceeding 6,000 lbs. We understand aluminum and lighter materials may not always meet the 6,000 threshold and we recognize the variability in weight for lighter materials, we adopt a flexible approach. 

Scrap Metal Bin Service: Versatile bin sizes to meet your commercial project needs. NO fees for our bin service.  Professional and hassle-free bin service with no upfront costs. 

Buyers All Scrap Metal: Whether you're dealing with ferrous or non-ferrous metals, we are your go-to buyers.

We visit your worksite to assess and provide the most suitable scrap metal removal solution.

Demolition or Commercial Projects: Save money on scrap metal removal during demolition projects. We provide the bins and our professional drivers collect the bins and haul your scrap metal at no cost to you.

Mobile Shear Service: Our mobile shear service brings precision and power directly to your commercial project worksite. 

Scrap Metal Hauling: Reliable and dependable hauling with our flat deck trailer for oversize steel.

On-Site Metal Purchasing: Exceptional customer service experience and honest transactions. 

Bring your scrap metal to our location and we will inspect, grade and purchase your scrap metal.

Honesty and integrity-driven transactions guaranteed!

Revolutionizing Scrap Metal Demolition: Unleashing Precision and Power On-Site


Blackfoot Metals introduces a groundbreaking solution to your commercial demolition projects

our Mobile Shear Service.

Here is how we redefine precision, safety, and efficiency directly at your commercial worksite:

On-Site Expertise: We bring the power of our excavator and expertise to your commercial demolition site.  Our expert operators ensure precise cutting and efficient scrap metal handling without compromising safety.

Safety First:  At Blackfoot Metals, safety is paramount. Our Mobile Shear Service is equipped to handle demolition tasks with the highest safety standards.

From structural steel to other materials, our expert operator navigates the process with precision and care.

Efficiency Redefined: Experience a new level of efficiency with our mobile shear service.  Cut down on downtime and streamline your demolition process with our on-the-spot metal processing.

Cost-Effective Solution:  Eliminate the need for off-site processing and transportation costs. Our mobile shear service ensures a cost-effective solution by managing scrap metal directly at your project location.


Choose Blackfoot Metals for a transformative approach to scrap metal demolition. Our Mobile Shear Service brings unparalleled precision, power, and safety to your commercial worksite, ensuring your project progresses with efficiency and excellence.


Count on us for efficient and reliable service—every time. 

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