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Looking for Scrap Metal Buyers? We Are the Right Choice

It takes time and effort to recycle scrap metals. Blackfoot Metals Ltd. is the right choice when you are looking for scrap metal buyers in Calgary and the surrounding areas. Our professionals have over 36 years of experience to help you recycle and receive top dollar for your scrap metals. In doing so you'll reduce your carbon footprint and help conserve natural resources. Our team has the skill and equipment to recycle a wide variety of items including metal sheets, batteries, radiators and much more. 

We operate in accord with all Provincial and Federal laws and we can also provide you with a guaranteed destruction certificate .

No Matter What Your Needs Are, We Have You Covered

However diverse your needs may be, from metal recycling and container services to off-site demolition and cleanup assistance, we offer reliable and efficient solutions. We serve residential, commercial and industrial clients and we'll put our years of experience to good use and ensure you receive the best possible price for your metal goods.

To learn more about Blackfoot Metals, watch the video above.

Types of Scrap Metal You Can Recycle

If you have copper, brass, aluminum, non-ferrous scrap metals or any other scrap metal materials that need to be recycled, we are ready to be at your service. Get in touch with us to discuss your recycling needs. Listed below are a few of the items we recycle at our facility:

  • Appliances
    • TVs
    • Stereos
    • Phones
  • Household scrap
  • Wiring
  • Batteries
  • Empty compressed gas containers
  • Radiators

Our Services

Choose us when you are in need of:

Recycling metals

Buying metals

Off-site demolition and cleanup

Scrap metal pickup

Container services

Product sales

Demolition scrap

Industrial scrap

Heavy equipment

Accepted Materials

We accept the following materials for recycling:




Insulated wire




Cast iron

All types of metals


SCRAP Metal Buyers

We buy and recycle a wide variety of items such as batteries, radiators, wiring, and much more.

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